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Ayurvedic tips for health for you and the planet

AyuSpirit offers online courses in ayurveda for balancing daily life and health. You can also get free ayurvedic advice with weekly YouTube videos and daily Instagram post. AyuSpirits focuses on clean food, daily routines, connectedness with other humans and the planet.


Ayurveda is Indias traditional medicin and is still used today in India and world wide. Ayurveda declares 3 bodytypes. By knowing your own type you have an awesome tool for navigating health challenges in a modern world. Ayurveda also considers seasons, daily rhythms and spiritual growth.



Slim, irregular, spontaneous, creative, cold, quick


Medium, precise, sharp, intense, light , warm


Robust, calm, slow, loving, soft, stabil

Let Ayurveda inspire you online:

Daily routines

For ayurvedic bodytypes, seasons etc.

Plantbased food

Healthy, nutritious, plantbased wholefood.

Herbs and Spices

About herbs in Ayurveda and purpose of use of spices.

Natural Skincare

Better for you and the environment.

And how our daily choices can:

Protect resources

Nudging companies with green behavior.

Support biodiversity

Conscious choices in household.

Connect us...

Instead of on your own – don’t stand alone.

... and the planet.

We are all on this spaceship, earth, on its way through the universe.

Vagbata Sutrastana 1, 2

“Those desirous of a long/healthy life, which is the means of achievement of dharma, artha and sukha (righteousness, wealth and happiness), should put their utmost faith in the teachings of Ayurveda”


Courses 2018

Ayurveda intro
Ayurveda intro
Online intro course for all.
Slim course online
Slim course online
Online weight loss course “The Middle Way – lose weight with Ayurveda and Yoga”. 12 weeks. January, April and September. Next time 3th of September 2018.

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