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My name is Jean Angelika. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I graduated as a nutritionist from Suhr’s Seminarium, Copenhagen. Through yoga and meditation, I became acquainted with Ayurveda in 1993. From 1994-95, I have participated in three long courses on ayurveda at a folk high school in Denmark. I was a student of Dr. Vasant Lad at The Ayurvedic Institute in the United States and India 1998-2001 with 1,672 hours of class instruction and 643 hours of practical work as a panchakarma therapist at Dr. Vasant Lads clinic. I also taught panchakarma treatments¬†(detox treatments) at The Ayurvedic Institute. I underwent additional panchakarma¬†traning with Dr. Pradnya Akkalkotkar in 2002 in India. I have read Indology (Indian) at University of Copenhagen 2003-05. 2003-10 and 2013-16, I had my own clinic in Copenhagen with Ayurvedic treatments, consultations and detox programs.

Now, I want to work more with teaching ayurveda online as a way to reach more people with the wonderful wisdom of Ayurveda of how to live a balanced life in a modern world. So, you can also follow me on Instagram for daily Ayurvedic inspiration and advice and soon on YouTube for the same.

For business owners: If you want me to promote your Ayurvedic products, please contact me. I promote products that are organic, fair trade, environmental friendly, sustainable or has natural ingredients within food, clothes, green living etc. Also promotion of Ayurvedic spa/retreat/hotel etc.

Pictures from India