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The Middle Way - 12 weeks online

Lose weight with AYURVEDA and YOGA

“A whole new world has unfolded before me – absolutely amazing! I can feel a big difference in my body with what I’m eating and I feel so much better when I eat after your wonderful recipes and referrals – so I have been very body conscious. I will be hungry a lot faster, when I eat “as normal”. The recipes are super delicious, they taste really good and I feel full for a longer time” (Student)

“Dear Jean! Just want to give a thousand, thousand thanks for the incredible, wonderful and amazing things you give us – I’m so glad I signed up for this course and I’ve learned so much already. I’m really grateful to you” (Student)

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Maybe you’ve had trouble losing weight, but that’s not all – you’ve also become thoroughly confused. Are you only able lose weight if you consume enormous amounts of meat and other animal products? Or do you need to eat more raw food? Or is a two days fast a week the required evil to avoid daily calorie accounting? Or is it best with HFLC (high fat, low carb), or HCLF (high carb, low fat)? Is it really the carbohydrates that are bad for you or is too much fat the problem? Can you ever look at a potato again? To lose weight, do you really need to join the local crossfit gym and for hours throw around with tires and sandbags as an army recruit? Or should you drink a yucky powder drink morning, noon and evening, making your face look all weird?

Ayurveda don't belive one-size fits all

According to India’s health system, Ayurveda, there are seasons where it is good to eat more carbohydrates and other seasons where it is good to eat more fat or protein. At certain hours during the day it’s better with a big meal and other times better with a smaller meal. Some individuals need extreme physical exercise, and others need a calm and regular routine. Ayurveda and yoga takes into account differences in body types and adjusting diet, daily routine and physical activity accordingly.


Ayurveda and yoga together can give you - the middle way to a healthier and slimmer version of you

The motto: “The Middle Way” is from Buddhism. Buddha realized that neither a life of fulfillment of excessive desires or a life of total renunciation was good – and he then followed the middle way.
Of course it is not good every day to indulge in pizza, bags of candy and twinkies without any kind of physical activity. But is it really a must to have extreme diets, which excludes many common foods and makes it difficult to participate in social activities with family and friends.
Moreover, perhaps not everyone wants to use extensive amounts hours exercising – when they do not intend to participate in a Ironwoman or Ironman.
When a stone is thrown into the water, how does the water respond? Waves are formed with a size that is appropriate according to the mass of the stone, as well as the force of which the stone is thrown. Neither more nor less. And afterwards the water is calm again.
You want a lifestyle where you give food and exercise exactly the attention they deserve. Neither more nor less. Food should not be a constant concern in your life – there are already plenty of other things on the shelf.

12 weeks with the following topics:

  • knowing your bodytype
  • how to recuce stress
  • improve digestive power
  • improve elimination
  • weed out contaminants in your food and surroundings
  • eat all six taste qualities for greater fullness after eating
  • attention at the meal
  • use circadian rhythms and seasonal rhythms in your favor
  • strategies to stay on track
  • care and nourishment of the mind / body / spirit
  • supplementation with herbs
  • increase vitality, spirit and mood
  • increase life enhancing qualities of your food and daily living
  • physical exercises that can be performed by anyone, anytime
  • meditation
  • breathing exercises
  • yoga


There are lots of diets and protecols that certainly provides fast weight loss and muscular bodies. But you want a program or rather, a lifestyle, that you are able to follow and adapt to your daily life and are able to stay with, today – and every day.


Ayurveda and yoga offers many tools to aid with weight loss, but at the same time care for body and mind. The purpose of this course is not a “slimming diet” as such, but a different way of looking at weight loss, where the key is to increase your health – physically as well as mentally and spiritually.


Keeping a balanced weight is not just about counting calories. If it was that simple, it would not be so difficult for so many people to reduce their weight. Of course there is a relationship between the number of calories eaten and calories used, but other factors are also important.


If you are more harmonious and in balance, you have the best conditions to daily make correct and healthy choices – not only for 12 weeks, but also in the future and the rest of your life. And sleep, stress, digestion, mood, energy, hormones, nutritional status,  are often more important for weight loss.

My name is Jean Angelika. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I graduated as a nutritionist from Suhr’s Seminarium, Copenhagen. Through yoga and meditation, I became acquainted with Ayurveda in 1993. From 1994-95, I have participated in three long courses on ayurveda at a folk high school in Denmark. I was a student of Dr. Vasant Lad at The Ayurvedic Institute in the United States and India 1998-2001 with 1,672 hours of class instruction and 643 hours of practical work as a panchakarma therapist at Dr. Vasant Lads clinic. I also taught panchakarma treatments (detox treatments) at The Ayurvedic Institute. I underwent additional panchakarma traning with Dr. Pradnya Akkalkotkar in 2002 in India. I have read Indology (Indian) at University of Copenhagen 2003-05. 2003-10 and 2013-16, I had my own clinic in Copenhagen with Ayurvedic treatments, consultations and detox programs.

I’ve had clients who come for consultations with the aim that they want to lose weight. Some clients may be very good at converting the information they get from a consultation into practice and can achieve good results. But a single consultation is not really suitable for the purpose.
I have put together this course: “The Middle Way – slim with Ayurveda and Yoga” – an online course of 12 weeks. Ayurveda and Yoga together have so many effective tools and strategies for weight loss, which is about much more than what you should eat. Many are interested in learning more about these techniques. That’s why I made this knowledge more accessible via an online course, so you can participate regardless of where you live.

You get access to an online space where you weekly receive information within the week’s topic. It can be videos, pdf files, recipes etc.

There are lots of advice you can use without having to buy dietary supplements and other strange things. However, there will be recommendations for supplements, equipment, special foods, but they are not a must. It will be good if you have either a blender, hand blender and / or small food processor or mini-chopper.

During the course it is possible to perform a home panchakarma – an Ayurvedic detox. You will receive instructions. You can choose to take all steps in the detox or just follow the steps, you can fit within your daily life. You can always perform the detox at a later time, with the information you receive.

The word yoga is, in this online course, understood as light yoga exercises, yoga techniques and yogic principles.

There should also be room to have a delicious cake, drink a glass of wine, eat a potato or a lovely piece of bread, or whatever is one’s preference, without feeling sinful or wrong, when doing it. As long as you do the good things a little more than the less good things, then you are on your way to a good balance.

You can participate if you’re vegan, vegetarian or meat eater. There will be lots of real useful advice for everyone – about food and lots of areas that are not about food, but that influence what we eat. However, a plantbased diet will be suggested.

A conventional diet consultation plan often consists of an initial nutritional counseling from 1 hour to 75 minutes and then follow up interviews of about 20-30 minutes. These follow up interviews will typically consist of evaluating the process, measuring and weighing and repeating the knowledge you have already received. 12 weeks will typically cost 600-1000 $. It is a model that is widely used and it is definitely good for many, having to leave for control weighing and showcasing the “results”.

With “The Middle Way” – lose weight with Ayurveda and Yoga, you have 12 weeks with lots of new tools every week for 349 $ for the whole course.

You have the options of paying in
3 installments of 120 $ (360 $)

“I want to thank you so very much for your invaluable support and help in this project, which is much more than weight loss and lifestyle change. I highly recommend your program – this is the best “diet” and lifestyle change in the long term” (student)